Microtechnology solutions for factory automation: HANNOVER MESSE created new synergies

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The IVAM Product Market “Micro, Nano & Materials” at HANNOVER MESSE presented itself for the first time within the well known special show „Industrial Automation“ and thereby successfully completed the step onto the application markets of micro and nanotechnology.

“The integration of the topic into the environment of industrial automation technology created new synergies between industrial production and the core competences of micro and nanotechnology“, comments Heinz-Peter Hippler, CEO of the IVAM Microtechnology Network. Olle Lindkvist, Global Sales und Marketing Manager of the Swedish company PiezoMotor Uppsala, confirms: “The strategic step towards the application markets into the industrial automation area is a very good idea.”

The new special area “MicroTechnology – Smart Systems for Automation“ convinced as a platform for microtechnology solutions with regard to the trend issues of the industrial fair, like energy and environmental technologies. The organizers of the HANNOVER MESSE are especially pleased with the continuously rising number of international visitors: approximately 50 000 visitors out of 190 000 came from abroad. The high rate of foreign visitors left also a positive impression on the exhibitors of the Product Market “Micro, Nano & Materials”. At the joint pavilion of the IVAM Microtechnology Network 32 companies and institutes presented advanced applications with regard to man-machine communication, for monitoring of machines and production equipment as well as for green technologies.

In the scope of the industry forum “Innovations for Industry”, IVAM and HSG-IMIT organized a special day about "Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks”. The presentations of this session attracted great attention among the expert audience.

Interested companies can register for the joint pavilion 2013 from now on by contacting Katrin Theiler (Phone: +49 231 9742 7081; e-mail: kt@ivam.de).

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