European Bioeconomy: From Knowledge via Demonstration to Products and Markets

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This conference with high-ranking speakers from European and national institutions and from the industry brings together all stakeholders of the Bioeconomy. It takes place in the context of ACHEMA 2012, the global leading event for the process industries, in Frankfurt on June 20th and 21st.
The event covers the complete value chain - from the regulative setting at the EU level via the availability of feedstock and the required logistic integration of agri- and silviculture with the chemical industry, the holistic processing approach in biorefineries up to the conditions for a successful market-entry of technologies and products.

The conference will consist of five consecutive sessions:

Towards a European Bioeconomy - the framework
Feedstock availability and the value chain
Conversion of biomass: Biorefineries
Via demonstration to products and markets
Innovative business models and public-private partnerships

The programme leaves plenty of room for discussions. It will offer a unique opportunity to discuss the contribution of the bioeconomy to industrial leadership and competitiveness and the necessary steps for a successful implementation.

The event is jointly organized by DECHEMA, Association Chimie du Végétal, IAR, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V., ERRMA and the European Technology Platform SusChem. Participation is included in the ACHEMA ticket; a prior registration is required.

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